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James - Santa Ana, CA
Mary - Huntington Beach, CA
Wendy - Florida
Leslie - Oregon
Chris - Seattle, WA
George - Denver, CO
Jerry - New Mexico
DeeAnn - Memphis
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Lula - Texas
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Jeffrey - ?
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Jolene's Trailer World
Jolene's Trailer World
Jolene's Trailer World
Hi, my name is Jolene and I am the Trailer Park Queen.  I gotta need for pre-fab homes and I can't seem to get enough. It would just thrill me to bits if you'd send me a picture of yours so I can put it up here on my website. And if you want to purchase a limited edition portrait of your's truly, visit the Trailer Art Store! or Email me!
Willie - CA
Gert - Wyoming
Smith - California
Kelly - California
Joanna - Alabama
Georgia - Georgia
Jethro - Missouri
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